How to get Unlimited Traffic to website or blog

This post of How to get unlimited traffic to website or blog is going to be an interesting post in this we are going to cover 4 to 5 useful topic, by which we can get unlimited traffic to website or blog. In this post we are going to cover the following answers;

  • What is Google Question Hub?
  • How to create account in Google Question Hub?
  • How to add question from Google Question Hub and Answer questions?
  • How to search for question relevant to you skills or knowledge?
  • How to find question, which will rank on google?
  • Where to find the answers and how to write it?
  • How to create unique article without writing a single word?
  • How to Check uniqueness of the article?
  • How to Post the answers and create back-links to your Website or Blog?
  • And finally How to get unlimited traffic to website or blog by using all these?

Google Question Hub for unlimited traffic to Website or Blog

  • First go to Google search for question hub
  • You will get a a link at the top i.e.,
  • click on the launch question, now it will ask for Sign up/Sign in
Note: You must Sign-in using the account by which you have registered website on Google search Console for your website
  • If you don’t know about Google search console then click here
  • Once you Sign-in to your google question hub, you will get two options 1) Domain 2) Url Prefix.
  • If your site is not visible or have not added already on the the search console then, go to Url Prefix.
  • Now, You need to verify your website, by using the Blogger or WordPress. To know how to verify your website click here.
  • after verification you will be asked for some settings like which language you prefer select your Preferred language and the question language and click next
  • After this abroad topics will appear, select those which you are going to answer or as per your knowledge and Skills.
  • You can also search questions in the search box ( See Below Images Question Hub Topics selection).
  • Click on add questions, to add 10 questions per single click of the topic you have searched.
  • You can also add more questions of some other topics they will be appeared in tabs.
Note: The topics you have selected now check for keyword suitability by using the keyword research tool and find out how much traffic the selected keyword or topic is having then move onto the article writing. if you get less competition then good to go for article writing, if you get more competition then try to find out some other topic.

Now you have Blog topics ready. so now we’re going to write articles on these topics how to write articles on these topics for that do the following

  • If there is less competition then select the keyword or topic go to YouTube pasted there and find any video which is going to cover this topic.
  • select those videos having CC (caption) on video. To find CC only video go to you tube filter at the top and select CC only.
  • Now we are going to create article by the help of this video. copy the link of the video go to and paste the link there you will get CC of the video in writing in soft copy.
  • You need to download this software for Windows or iOS which you prefer and install on your PC.
  • This application is not for Mac OS it’s only for Windows.
  • You get the copy of the article, pasted it to Microsoft Word remove the spaces between and your article will be ready you must read it once before going to Publish it, correct some grammatical mistakes use Grammarly Chrome extension for that.
Note: If you are not knowing about the extensions which all extensions are useful then Click here.
  • You will get your article now go to paste the article there. you will get words count & characters of the article now you only need to remove grammatical mistakes.
  • Now do the On-page SEO, like placement also keyboard, heading H1, H2, internal linking, external linking, select some images and do Image SEO, which we have already taught in how to do On-page SEO click here to read that
  • Now we are going to check that the article is unique or there is copies of the same available on the Web. for this purpose we are going to use a website which will tell us uniqueness of the article in percentage. For this go to If you found the article is unique then proceed otherwise repeat above steps until you find unique article.
  • Now you can also translate this article to other languages by using the Google Translate tool after translating you should also check the uniqueness of this article by the same method as mentioned above point.
  • Go to blogger or word-press where you were going to write the article. copy paste this article which we have prepared and most importantly heading topic must only be the one which we have find or answering by using Google question hub.
  • Now published the post and copy the URL of the post.
  • Select that question and click on answer and paste the URL of the article prepared above in the answer box.
  • click on submit.
  • If someone searches the same question, Google will Recommend the answer of yours.

By using this you will get unlimited traffic if your article is unique and presentable you will surely get unlimited traffic to website or blog


To summarize today in this post, we have demonstrated how to find the NICH, how to find the topic to write the article, how to get the unique article, content of the article, how to check OK, what counts word counts, how to check uniqueness, or Plagiarism, how to do on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to copy an article from the YouTube, how to automatically get the the article by using a video, how to submit the answer to question hub, how to submitted and how to get unlimited traffic for website or blog. this article as I said earlier in the starting it is going to cover lots of topic which will help you to become a successful blogger and get unlimited traffic to website or blog.