Most Important Top 5 algorithms of google

Top 5 algorithms of Google – Query you search on Google and in response Google gives Information, that information provided by google, satisfies your search query is the main focus of algorithms of Google. For user satisfaction and better search results google regularly updates algorithms for better user experience and right search result. These algorithms help users to find what they need and apply checks on webmasters to follow good practice and avoid bad techniques for traffic & ranking. Today in this post we are going to see all these top 5 algorithms of Google and highlight their salient features. 

Top 5 algorithms of google

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Pirate
  • Page layout
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Mobile friendly
  • Rankbrain
  • Possum
  • Fred

As you can see there is 10 algorithms mentioned above but in this post we are going to cover top 5 algorithms of google, however purpose to mention all these 10 algorithms of google is aware about the google’s other updated which we will cover in our others post, you can check out recent post section to read about these algorithms. lets get back to top 5 algorithms of google;

1. Panda – Google Algorithms Update

Panda update was launched in 2011 – the main purpose of this Google algorithm update is to deal with low grade content, which are not unique and copied from other sources. This content is also available on the web a lot more times with slight or no modification. Therefore, to deal with this google introduces Panda update.

  • Article spam tool, content farm, article spinner these are common trends on those days.
  • Jbzoo, or warrior forum are websites which purchase these types of content and knowledge of such websites makes webmasters engage in ill practices.
  • Content farm, article spinner use words synonyms, make garbage content , in which keyboard stuffed in articles without relevance, this is not actually made for users to read and gain some value, however their sole purpose is to manipulate search results and rank above in search query. 
  • Panda Algorithm update significantly changed website ranks, ill practise website rank get lowered and quality content website gain ranks in search queries. Basically it promotes good content, which is nicely presented for users to gain some value after reading. 
  • Panda is not a one time action, later it became part of the core algorithm of Google. 
  • If you also copied the content then it will not rank as its probably got hit by panda, your rank will not be lowered however, others get preference over you for their good content and automatically you will get lower rank.

2. Penguin – Google Algorithms Update

Penguin update was launched in 2012 – the main purpose of this Google algorithm update is to deal with spamming backlink, before penguin update people used to practice spamming backlink by various methods or purchase backlink.

  • Google released four updates of Penguin algorithm and in 2016 it became part of google core algorithm but Interestingly, even having clearly mentioned about the do’s and don’t s by Google Penguin update, peoples in 2021 posting backlink on irrelevant sites, may be they don’t know about Google Penguin update or they are living way back in 2012.
  • Google by Penguin algorithm update, is not impressed by the number of backlink but they focus more on the quality of backlink and their relevance.

3. Page Layout – Google Algorithms Update

Google Page Layout update was launched in 2012 too – the main purpose of this Google algorithm update is to give more focus on above the fold content, this is the first visible part of the device of the screen, this part is not fixed its vary with the size of device screen. Above the fold part may contain the top slide show, Hero part, Image, or heading. Google by the page layout update focuses to display only relevant part of information to the users. 

4. Hummingbird – Google Algorithms Update

Google Hummingbird update was launched in 2013 – the main purpose of this Google algorithm update is to avoid keyword stuffing or Over SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) in the content, improve quality of the content, it’s one of the big update by google, ranking of the content is now more based on the relevance of the content with respect to search query, even if the keywords not found in the content may also ranked based on their relevance. Keyword stuffing and irrelevant content get lower rank in the search result however ranks of relevance content improved.

5. RankBrain – Google Algorithms Update

Google RankBrain update was launched in 2015- the main purpose of this Google algorithm update is to  find out the result of the query which was not done previously, almost 15 % of the query made on google are unique queries i.e. they are not search previously, Google in this update uses machine learning to find those queries which are unique and more focus on to the result of these queries to the best possible manner.


To Conclude above update of Google algorithms, Panda update focus on unique contents, copied content and bad practice like content farm, article spamming get restricted by this update. Penguin update focused on Spamming backlink, this update ranked the website on the basis of quality of backlink and backlink relevance. Page layout updates emphasize that the “above the fold” part must be relevant and to the point. Hummingbird update focuses on avoiding keyword stuffing and relevance of the result based on search query not by manipulation with keyword in the article. Lastly, Rankbrain algorithm is for the queries which are not made previously and focus to result those in the best possible way. So, in short as a webmaster you must be focused on Good, Unique & relevant content, avoid keyword stuffing, backlink spamming and focus on user satisfaction and value addition.