How to Use phone camera as webcam

In this post we are going to show you how you can use Phone camera as webcam for your PC. You might be wondering why I would want to use a phone camera as webcam. The reason is simple;

  • You might have noticed that the camera on your phone is probably better than the webcam.
  • The Phone is flexible and very handy to attach anywhere.
  • We are surrounded by Phone and awesome camera of phone.
  • If you are not having Camera on Laptop. 
  • Integrated webcam quality tends to be pretty poor compared to the phone camera.

For doing this, we are going to install two Apps one on your PC and one on your phone, it doesn’t matter whether you are having Windows/Mac OS/ Ubuntu PC or I-phone, android any type of mobile phone.

We are going to use IRIUN app ( Click here to download the app for PC ) the reason we like it so much is it entirely free and you also get full resolution pixel back from your phone to your PC.

Phone Camera as Webcam – PC App

We are going to install it for PC first, just click on the link of the official site (link above) once you’ve made on the website you can download the app, just like I said earlier you get it for Windows Mac or Ubuntu OS which are the one you have go ahead and click on it, in my case i am running windows.Open the website.

Phone Camera as Webcam – Phone App

Now we are going to install the App for your Phone. 

  • Go to the App Store (If you are having an I-phone go to the app store or if you have an android phone go to play store).
  • Now search for an “Iriun webcam for PC…”
  • Install it on to the phone
  • Now run the app you will see settings on the screen like flip camera and front and backward camera options etc.

Now open the app on PC and you can see the camera of the phone appears in the Iriun app of the PC, select it from the drop down and you will see your phone camera act as webcam on PC.

Note: Your phone and PC must be on the same Network.

Iriun App on PC will show different Resolution for the camera depending upon your phone support, you can select as per your requirement but keep in mind more the resolution you select it will flick on video, so its better you choose medium camera quality. Now close Iriun app for now.

Open Microsoft team/ Google meet any app for video call and you will see under the video camera selection option “Iriun cam” appear. select the one and that’s it, your camera start acting as webcam for that application.

It also supports OBS screen recording, most importantly phone camera as a webcam for different application allow you to use it over wireless, you move the phone camera, your video view moves Great! That’s it for now, share the post to your friends and family. Help the needy.