Google new system Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

MUM – Multitask Unified Model : Google new system which is going to hit web masters. In this post we are going to take an overview of the new system introduced by Google. We are also going to take a look at what it impacts on SEO, Blog, Website or Google itself. MUM (Multitask Unified Model) is 40 times more powerful than earlier system of google that is BERT. This is not the new technology system that google has developed, google is already rolling out this update from the past few months, and in a couple of months is going to complete full roll out.

How Multitask Unified Model is helpful

This new system update helps users to get results from multiple sources. For example if you are searching for something which is new in the web but their parts are already available in the web but they are spreaded and your query requires a combination of these spreaded information as search result. So, your requirement is generic for a particular specified query and the user cannot get complete information at once.

Here comes MUM Multitask unified Model, they search information from different spreaded sources like Pdfs, pages, blogs, researches and collect all this information and deliver it to the user for collective result.

This way MUM system helps to increase user experience of google search and fulfill complex queries. For example if you are going to some place and are required to find the right set of clothes to be taken with you, by google’s MUM you can now directly find the right set of clothes taken with you for that particular palace.

How to do Multitask Unified Model (MUM) SEO

How to do MUM seo? Actually it’s the combination of a lot of algorithms and Google will not share them with the webmaster for now.

If we are not able to use MUM SEO for our website or blog then where is it used? Well the answer to this is they are using it in space and other complex works.

Implication of Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Some direct and some indirect implications are there, complex information we can find, Results available in different languages, format but using MUM Google System we will find which type of website or blog is good for which user & Blogs for readers.

Search engine of google continuously searches for repeated content or spammy pages as Google has invested a lot more on resources, which are very precious for keeping data that are helpful to end users, for doing so google removes lots of spam pages to save their resources. The MUM system increases the speed of removing these and freeing up Google Resource. 

You have not noticed indexed problems with some of the websites or blogs they are not indexed in google as google repeatedly removes repeat & spammy content.

Multitask Unified Model (MUM) as Unified Model

For user queries and supply suitable SERPs, Google takes help of Crawl, Index and IR Index, these three links together to form MUM as a unified model.

  • 1. Crawl
  • 2. Index
  • 3. IR Index

So MUM is stronger than the traditional Google search mechanism and only give results to complex queries. Do not search for MUM SEO, as it’s internal for google and only made for google for now to answer complex queries.


To Conclude we can say that Google day by day increases their logic/algorithms/system to satisfy user queries and serve the best possible result to them. MUM which is Multitask Unified Model is the system update that focuses on complex queries which cannot be answered earlier, however this is not available for the open world to understand and to do SEO for webmasters for now. Hopefully MUM logic will be available to do SEO for articles but for now you don’t need to worry about MUM system update.