How to Start a Successful Blog in 2021

Today in this post we are going to cover how to start a successful blog in 2021. We have explained every tiny thing in this post which we have learned over the period of several years in blogging and the research of successful blogs around the world. We assure 100% guarantee, if you follow the steps and do as suggested, in around 2-3 months your blog will get rank in google and get approval from most of the ads networks (like Google adsense,, Adsterra and others).

In our earlier post we have covered how to purchase domain and hosting and how to make a blog website by using wordpress or any other platform. In this post, we have covered what after you have set up a blog website;

  • How to find your Passion, that makes you going in blog writing?
  • How to write posts? 
  • What must the post have? 
  • Common mistakes while writing a blog? 
  • Checklist before publishing ? this is not the checklist which SEO plugins provide that all you can cover with that plugin. 
  • How to choose the right topic? 
  • From where to choose the right topic?

Identify Skills, Knowledge & Passion

First of all you must understand a very basic thing, which is your passion, your skill set, your knowledge.Mark your passion , skills , knowledge areas, first broad area of selection and then move to sub topics. Spend 2-3 days on this exercise, it is the most important part of a successful blog.

Which keyword to choose to start a successful blog in 2021

Go for keyword research on these areas and search for low competition and high traffic topics. Also check the volume of the searches related to your selected topic, find the competitors for your selected topic and what is the monetization potential.

Select a Micro Niche

Select a micro niche from these selected keywords because as broader we go, more competition we get, so be specific & precise. 

Verify your Passion to blogging

Now write at least 25 articles within 30 days. We have added a timestamp with the number of articles written because it reflects whether you are serious and the selected passion, skill, knowledge is verified. In this way you can test your own skill marker, what happened to we that we all that dont know about our own passion till the end of our lifespan therefore we asked to write 30 articles because it will decide to move with this topic that you have selected as you are going to write more article around this skill & knowledge of yours.

Select the right Platform for blogging

Now select the platform to publish your blog. There are many platforms available in the market to make your blog. These help you to make a blog quickly. Some examples are WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, Ghost etc.

Your domain name if possible have the word which you used in title the most like howto, finance, hosting, etc

Approach for Good writing

Blog is basically your thoughts and expression of the subject. It’s your point of view. For some queries they want the answer. Always focus on how we have helped people by using this blog post or how they find it helpful and does it satisfy your user with some new ideas, tips, tricks and fulfill what they want before reading it. If they find what they are looking for – that must be the sole purpose of your blog.

  • Content is the king: be presentable, write in depth articles, balanced mixture of words & infographics.
  • Add the index to your blog, for wordpress you will need to install a plugin for that.
  • Secure your blog (covered in how to start a blog website)
  • There is a well know Phrase in hindi (Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai) meaning if its looks great, can easily be sold. 
  • Be patient and regular for your blog.

Something can only be learned from making mistakes but luckily we have thought to do this post so that you must avoid those mistakes or wrong paths that we have done and for that list all the mistakes to avoid while blogging.

At last we have added a checklist to ensure how you proceed for every post you write.

Checklist for your blog before sharing to other platforms

  • Your articles should be complete in all respects, it must be for the reader rather than search engines.
  • Consistently create fresh and quality content.
  • Responsible blog is recommended as well as check on different browsers also.
  • Add SSL certificate, and speed up blog speed by optimization.
  • Update contact details on your website.
  • Add social share buttons.
  • Create internal and external links for a flawless and better user experience.
  • Add a call to action, and give your other means of social networks and easy sharing buttons.
  • Keep a track on blog performance and visitors.