Google Algorithms updates timeline – Most Important 58 updates summary

In this post we are going to cover major Google algorithms updates timeline, which will show google updates names, date of their launch and Brief description. It is very important to understand google algorithms for webmasters, as their core purpose of publishing informative, precise, presentable articles is to earn money by means of ads and brand building. we have also covered top 5 google algorithms update in our earlier post now look precisely and summarized information of Google algorithms update timeline.

Google Algorithms update timeline:

Google UpdateDateBrief description
Google Toolbar1-December-2000Toolbar PageRank (TBPR) introduced to webmasters
Boston1-February-20031st Google update introduces index refreshes (the so-called “Google Dance”)
Fritz  1-July-2003End Google Dance and The index was now changing daily
Florida  1-November-2003SEO tactics, like keyword stuffing came.
Brandy  1-February-2004Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) give importance to Anchor text, help understand synonyms and keyword analysis 
Nofollow  1-January-2005Nofollow helps spammy comments and impact on link graph
Bourbon  1-May-2005Impact on duplicate content and non-www urls.
Personalized Search1-June-2005Personalized search based on search histroy.
XML Sitemaps1-June-2005XML sitemap inplace of HTML sitemaps.
Jagger1-October-2005Low quality links, reciprocal links, link farms and paid links were targeted.
Google Local/Maps 1-October-2005Maps & SEO local
Big Daddy1-December-2005URL canonicalization, redirects (301/302) and other technical issues.
Universal Search1-May-2007search results also shows News, Video, Images, Local, and other verticals. 10-listing SERP removed.
Dewey1-April-2008Promotes Google products like Google books.
Google Suggest 1-August-2008suggestion while typing search query.
Rel-canonical Tag1-February-2009allowing webmasters to send canonicalization signals to search bots without impacting human visitors.
Real-time Search1-December-2009Search results now also includes twitter feeds, google news, new pages and others
Google Places1-April-2010Helps local bussiness with google maps.
May Day1-May-2010Large scale thin content i.e. low quality websites were hit.
Caffeine (Rollout)1-June-2010Crawling and indexation speed increases 
Google Instant1-September-2010displaying search results as a query was being typed
Instant Previews1- November-2010without opening search result a preview of landing pages shown
Negative Reviews1-December-2010Negative review popularity goes down for sites
Attribution Update 28-January-2011Stop scrapers and spam cases
Panda/Farmer23- February-2011thin content, content farms, sites with high ad-to-content ratios were badly hit
The +1 Button30-March-2011Results based on their social circle.
Schema.org2-June-2011structured data with the help of schemas
Google+28-June-2011entered into social media like facebook with google+
Pagination Elements15-September-2011Google introduces Next and Previos link.
Query Encryption18-October-2011encrypting search queries impact on organic referral.
December 10-Pack1-December-2011query refinements, parked domain detection, blog search freshness, and image search freshness.
Search + Your World10-January-2012toogle button to turn off personalization based on social circle in SERPs
Ads Above The Fold19- January-2012Devalue sites with too much ad space above the fold.
Penguin24-April-2012Over optimization with keyword stuffing 
Knowledge Graph16-May-2012Semantic search, supplemental object about people, places and things.
DMCA Penalty (“Pirate”) 10-August-2012Google penalize sites with repeat copyright violations
Page Layout #29-October-2012above the fold must be clear and relvent, avoid too much of ads.
Domain Crowding21-May-2013Restrict Domain crowding and improves diversity deep in the Search Results (SERPs)
“Payday Loan” Update11-June-2013Irelevant SERPs more like spammy results of Porn & payday loans
In-depth Articles6-August-2013This is for evergreen and long form content.
Hummingbird20-August-2013Core algorithm update focused on semantic search and knowledge graph.
Pigeon24-July-2014Local SEO hits with this, changes local search results.
HTTPS/SSL Update6-August-2014More focus on security.
Pirate 2.021-October-2014To check on software and digital media piracy
Mobile Update AKA “Mobilegeddon”22-April-2015Mobile friendly site boost in ranking
RankBrain*26-October-2015Machine learning became part of Algorithms
AdWords Shake-up23-February-2016Right column ads removed and 4 ads blocks were created.
Intrusive Interstitial Penalty10- January-2017Pop-ups that damage mobile user experience are hit by this update.
Google Jobs20-June-2017Data from job sites in specific portal.
Zero-result SERP Test 14-March-2018time/date queries and unit conversion calculators, Google started displaying zero organic results 
Snippet Length Drop13-May-2018Snippets lenghts reduced from 300 to 150 characters
Video Carousels14-June-2018Videos in SERPs increased.
Mobile Speed Update9- July-2018Page speed a ranking factor for mobile results.
“Medic” Core Update1- August-2018Sites health and wellness are main factors.
Site Diversity Update6-June-2019Particular sites can now have two or more organic listings in SERPs.
BERT Update22-October-2019Supports BERT natural language processing (NLP) model, able to understand natural laguage and context
Featured Snippet De-duping22-January-2020URLs in snippets will not appear in organic results 
Passage Indexing (US/English) 10-February-2021Passage indexing started.