How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Website or Blog – google adsense approval trick 2021

Today in this post we are going to share some of the proven ways by which you can get Google adsense approval for website or blog. Google AdSense a program of google by which you can earn by displaying ads on your blog / website or YouTube channel, when someone clicks on these ads, which are managed by google adsense program that’s shows user’s interested things, you will get earning. Earning from google adsense program depends on various factors like number of click, product cost, location of the user, conversion after click but most importantly location from where the user clicks is one of the significant criteria for earning. for example if the click how to the add is from USA you will get 1 Dollar to 5 dollar however, if its from India you will get less earning.

Eligibility Criteria For Google Adsense approval

If we talk about the eligibility criteria, in case of YouTube you must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to be eligible for YouTube video ads or Monitization but in case of blog or website there is no eligibility criteria to apply for Google AdSense program.

You can make a blog today and apply for Google Adsense program, the Google adsense team will verify whether your blog is good enough to get google adsense approval or not, depending upon the Blog quality you will get approval. Daily Google AdSense team receives several request for Blog approval, maximum of them will get rejected due to lack of knowledge, and hurry up to receive approval from it.

It is important to get approval, I am not demonstrating how to apply for Google AdSense program that is very easy, your can find several links or videos to know how to apply for Google AdSense. The important thing is the right way and right time to apply for Google Adsense approval for website or blog in order to get approved.

When to apply for Google Adsense Approval

Today in this post we are going to show you some of the best practices if you follow these you will surely get approval from Google AdSense these all techniques are basically based on my experience of blog or website.

Google Adsense Dashboard

For new peoples I am going to show you how the Google AdSense dash screen dashboard appears find the image below in this you can find there is a home for Tex you will get earning for daily for this hour for a month or for a week in the dashboard.

Tips to get Google Adsense approval for Website or Blog

To get the google ads sense approval you need to follow these steps:-

  • Blog
  • Sitemap
  • SSL certificate
  • AMP
  • Responsive
  • Contact, Terms, Privacy Page
  • At least 25 articles (Unique)
  • Content does not violate adsense policy.

1. Blog

Firstly you must have a block it’s not like that you have purchased a domain and applied for the Google AdSense program you must have an active blog which must have 25 to 30 post and working from last 3 to 6 months.

How to create a blog from the scratch is already explained in step by step manner you can find a link here to create a new blog and how to write posts there.

2. Sitemap

You must have a sitemap installing plugins in WordPress like Yoast or Rankmath will create sitemap automatically. 

What is a site map? A sitemap is a list of pages of a website within a domain. sitemaps are intended for web crawler such as search engines

How to see sitemap of any website. To see my blog sitemap just add sitemap.xml after your domain name. It will enlist post, pages, images, categories map from the website.

3. SSL Certificate

You must have a SSL certificate on your website or on a blog you can click on the lock icon in the address bar to see whether the SSL certificate is there in the website or not. For our website i.e., we have added SSL from cloudflare which is the free SSL provider you can also get it from Cloudfare or buy it from your domain provider. How to install SSL certificate by using cloudflare. CDN click here to know more.

4. AMP support

Amp speed up the pages for mobile users, it boost page speed for mobiles users. For better SEO google also recommend amp. Your website or blog must support amp ( accelerated mobile page ). To check if your website support amp, type your domain name forward slash amp and hit enter. For example in my website i will right to check for AMP Support.

How to Install AMP

In this way you can check for your website or blog for AMP support. If you are not having it, here is the steps for wordpress users. There is no such type of AMP in bloggers its only for wordpress website.

Installation for wordpress sites.

  1. Go to the dashboard of wordpress site.
  2. Add a plugin ” amp for wp…” see image below.
  3. Install and activate.
  4. Various options which you will customize namely Select type, where you need, analytics tracking, and add tracking id, privacy setting not for India user its for UK, USA users. Ads and 3rd party compatibility etc. Click here for complete installation of AMP Plugin to your wordpress website.
  5. In this way AMP Plugin enable your website have AMP support and load page on mobile super fast.

5. Responsive

Your website must be responsive in nature, when you minimize it and do resizing your page/ post must adapt the size of the browser, there must not be any type of overlapping or fixed content and must look clean and clear. Now a days mostly all the wordpress themes supports responsive feature if they are not supporting it, move to responsive theme. 

6. Contact page, Term and privacy page

Like our website you must create one, as the google recommend to have there on your website because some problem or contact information must be there to reach you.

7. Atleast 25 articles in Website or Blog

Your website or Blog must have atleast 25 unique articles or blog post, it is the must requirement to get google adsense approval for website or blog. Google adsense team after receiving approval request enquire the said website or blog and find usefullness of your blog and how unique you right to help others after that they will give approval so before doing approval request you must ensure that all the articles should be unique as the first impression is the last impression. Google analyze its your own or copied from somewhere else so write unique and interesting topics.

8. Content should NOT violate adsense policy

Lastly, you must kept in mind that your post and articles in your website or blog should not violate google ad sense policy. Google adsense Prohibits use of articles containing Hacking, sexual content, nudity, fraud, illegal hacking, child abuse, software crack version installation these all violates google adsense policy, Ever after getting ad sense approval you must not include these on your future post otherwise google ads wont appear in that page and if you do lots of these prohibited activities your ad sense approval will get suspended permanently.


So, if you do these 8 things 100% you will get google adsense approval. To summarize it what you need to do is- create a blog, add a sitemap, install SSL certificate and AMP, Make it responsive, add Contact, Terms & Privacy page, write atleast 25+ articles, all the articles must be unique & all the content in your website should not violate Google adsense policy. if you follow all these simple and easy tips or steps you will surely get approval very fast and start earning in no time. THANKS