11 ways to earn money online without having any skills

Today in this post we are going to give 11 ways to earn money online without having any skills or knowledge by using the platforms like fiverr, upwork or freelancers. See if you are having skills of something, that’s great you could found it more productive by using these ways but if you don’t have any then these ways will make you earn also. so lets get started.

Website/ Software Testing

When Someone launches a website or service that is digital, they need feedback because feedback is so valuable for them to adjust the product and get new customers. If they don’t have customers and the product is ready, they need somebody to test it and that’s where you come into play. 

For this you would need internet, computer or phone but honestly if you are reading this blog, we assume that you have that.

If you go to fiverr.com and search for website testing you will see a lot of people offering the service of website testing.

It usually goes like they send you a link to the website or app and when you’re gone ahead check it out and take some notes of pros and cons of what you like about the product or not and deliver it to your client that should be enough to already get a cup of dollars into your wallet.

Removing Background

Scenario is you have a photo what you need is to remove the background, but some people’s thinking they will need some skills to do, if you are having no graphical or technical understanding don’t worry that where you come into play.

For removing background go to  remove.bg. it’s a website that offers this exact service. If you see on fiverr, people are actively searching for this kind of work and if you can offer, you can make money.

So you need to upload a photo on remove.bg and done! background removed. you can download it and delivered to your clients 

But there’s one thing about remove.bg which is, it doesn’t give you the high quality of your photo. for high quality version of a picture you can go to canva.com They offer the same service to remove backgrounds very easily and free 100% although, they offer free for 30 days and in that time you can earn enough to purchase a license version.

Selling Album Covers

You might be thinking how can I design album covers? well using artificial intelligence. A website called thisartworkdoesnotexist.com It’s basically creating a bunch of different images that have never been there before. You can choose one from them and deliver it to the client.

There is also another website thispersondoesnotexist.com which does the same thing but with people.

Search Engine Optimization

You may have probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on youtube videos or Search Engine Optimization of blogs or website. A lot of people, if they have a website, they need some evaluation and need to know if their Search Engine Optimization is good or bad.

They have two choices to find out about Search Engine Optimization. Firstly, they can go to an agency and pay a lot of money for Search Engine Optimization Report or go to fiverr.com and find somebody to do their work cheaply, there you come into play. For doing with Search Engine Optimization you have to go to the websites like seo-analyzer.h-educate.com and neilpatel.com/seo-analyzer. By using these two site you will find a detailed report of the Search Engine Optimization and you can snapshot or export and email to the client.

T shirt design

A lot of people were selling T-shirts  and they needed a lot of design, sometimes thousands of designs. So, they hired the man for this kind of stuff. I know that you might think that I am not a designer, well, you don’t need to worry, if you are not a designer.

A website that is specifically tailored to help you. placeit.com is the website by using this website you will get unique and highly customizable designs. By using these you will get your work done and customers will think that you are a high class designer.

Banner Ads

Have you ever visited websites and there are those banners on the side or on the top which want you to click on the fantastic products. Well you probably have and now you can make those yourself.

This time also the method of doing it is the same again but the website you will use here is bannersnack.com, which allows you to browse among different options you can choose one, customize it and done. It sounds technical but it’s very easy. Just go to the website and try for at least 5 minute you will be an expert by then.

Making Intros

We all of the people need intros for YouTube videos, video Ads or for somethings else and you can do it in a pretty simple way. to get started, again using templates but this time website for doing so is videobolt.com by using this website you will make video intro in no time even you can create music also by using this website.


Yes, you can make money by just commenting. Now you might have to say how this works. Why would someone take me to comment on a website or blog or for a YouTube channel? well to promote a product because you know a lot of people need something called back-linking. They need a lot of links placed on wonderful websites in different sources on the Internet to increase the website’s SEO.


Proofreading is basically getting some error and mistakes on someone else’s article book or others. It’s like they are 90% correct. You just need to do 10% of corrections. You don’t need to be an author, just take your native tongue articles or books and make some useful corrections and done.

Fiverr arbitrage

It’s basically a middle man’s job. Just take the job from some other platform and make it to another platform, buy cheap and sell it more expensive on another platform. For example if someone marked for logo designer on fiverr.com you just take it from there and go to upwork.com and give the task to someone cheap there and earn the middle bonus.