Best AdSense alternative for India traffic- 2021 is one of the best adsense alternative for India traffic. It is one of the highest paying contextual ads networks. always publishes premium content from the best publishers.  Today in this post we will know about Yahoo! Bing Ad Network and discuss how helps to earn money. In our previous post we have understood the best way to earn money from google ad sense and also looked at what google algorithms are and how to get AdSense approval fast. If you have faced rejection from google adsense then these alternatives will be very helpful for you to start earning from blog or website.

In this post we are going to discuss the best adsense alternative for India traffic. In our previous post we have already discussed Google adsense, How to make money with google adsense and also discussed various algorithms of Google search engine. In this post we are going to cover following things; 

Google Adsense launched in 2013, which is one of the earliest ads networks around the world and enables active webmasters to start earning from their website and blogs. However, there are certain limitations of google adsense or we can say they have stringent terms and conditions over the period, therefore we looked for alternatives to make money for small or beginner bloggers via ads networks.

  • In RPM in place CPM
  • RPM is based on impression
  • However CPM is based on engagement i.e. click.
  • In we have to double click first add click and then again we need to choose which link to view so double click does not usually happen.
  • Approval communicated within 24 hours
  • CPM and CPC- cost per mile if you got 1000 impressions then you get earning.
  • Blog must be in English language and you must have custom domain.
  • 100dollar payout which willl be given after 30 days.
  • Not work with blogger.
  • Main traffic i.e., around 90 Percent are from US, UK, CA. If you have traffic from these, that its very suitable to choose as best adsense alternative for India traffic.

What are the drawbacks of Google adsense?

  • Google adsense have minimum payout of 100$, which is they have reduced to some less payout amount.
  • They are really poor in acknowledgement and give lesser response to your queries. even you never hear from them or contact in case of some events.
  • If you Don’t get approval for adsense then they hardly tell you the exact reason of the same, sometimes the reason they mention is so broad that you can exactly pin point it.
  • They Cancelled adsense approval with little notice.
  • Google adsense Prohibit user for social traffic like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Google may ban you for lifetime. Sometimes due to some rival or some bot generated invalid clicks from your website, allows google to suspend your adsense approval and may ban you for life time.
  • Google ads sometime slower your page speed and significantly impact on SEO.

How google adsense alternatives help us earn money.

As you read the disadvantages of Google adsense, you might have expected some alternatives to google adsense. therefore we have share this post for the greater benefit of yours. these alternatives helps you to earn money as they fulfills the loop hole of the google adsense like;

  • They are like the adsense contextual advertising network.
  • These ads Networks links to other Search engines around the world like, Bing, duckduckgo, Baidu, etc.
  • If you get rejected by Google adsense Network then these alternatives helps you to earn.
  • Approval in these are relatively easy.
  • Some of these have less wait time as compare to google adsense 6 month wait for bloggers.
  • Minimum payout of some of them is less then 100$.
  • They are more webmaster friendly in terms of communication/feedback with webmasters.
  • In Some of the adsense you can earn more then Google adsense.

What are the google adsense alternatives.

We have listed some of the Google adsense alternative;

  2. PropellerAds
  3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  4. Adversal
  5. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  6. Skimlinks
  7. Monumetric
  8. InfoLinks
  9. ylliX
  10. Evadav
  11. PopCash
  12. PopAds
  13. RevContent
  14. Adsterra
  15. SHE Media
  16. AdRecover
  17. MadAds Media
  18. Bidvertiser
  19. Adbuff
  20. BuySellAds
  21. AdClickMedia

What are their advantages over Google adsense?

  • sometimes does better than adsense.
  • Contact us frequently for testing new features.
  • Help in optimizing our content.
  • Ads are highly contextual – means they are related to content. So people are much more likely to click. It’s more like a blend with your context or theme of a website like colour.
  • “See Also” as the caption for the ads window.
  • Good ad design
  • More transparent.

What are their drawbacks?

  • No page level reporting – These ads networks don’t show page level reporting, you are unaware about the pages which perform better.
  •  Earn less per click as compared to ad sense.

However, In contrary via Google adsense we have- 

  • More money per click
  • More ads available
  • More advertisers

Best adsense alternative for India traffic.

I hope you all have concluded that the best adsense alternative for India traffic is based on your purpose of website or blog, its depend upon person to person.

How much you can earn from adsense alternatives.

Again we can easily deduced that its depend upon individual, quality of blog or website, their knowledge & skill of the subject, the way of presentation, and how well they understood the need of user and answered via their article. However, if you require this particular answer then we must say there is no limit of earning from blogging, enormous scope of earning from these adsense alternatives too like Google Adsense.

Things to keep in mind.

Ads network can earn you lots of money. it is worth spending time on research of these ads network. To select the right ads network for your blog or website based on Geographical location you must consider following parameters;

  • Type of site?
  • Type of ads you are going to use in these sites
  • Target audience based on interest and Location
  • Payout period
  • Minimum eligibility criteria which is mentioned in their terms and conditions
  • Is there any waiting time or minimum Traffic requirement.
  • Read Terms and condition page thoroughly and Ask customer care for any doubts

How to register in google adsense alternatives.

To register in these ads network, we have provided links in the adsense alternative heading, click on the links you will be redirected to signup page of these ads network but before signing in you must read terms and condition page for validating the requirements that they need to get approval for ads.

Terms and conditions of adsense alternatives

The answer to this question is based on the terms and conditions of the ads network. we have characterize the selection process based on the following criteria;

  • Eligibility Requirements – This may be the time period, traffic, DA etc.
  • Revenue Share – How much you earn per click or by Impressions
  • Ad Customization – Different types of ads placement available in different ads networks.
  • Minimum Payout – Check minimum payout in terms & conditions.
  • Tailored for Your Blog – Check the suitability of your blog based on network.
  • Additional Revenue Sources – This could be added advantage.